New Wohlstand

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Amit Paul

New Wohlstand

31.07.2023 73 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Amit Paul is a multifaceted individual with a background in business, music, and sustainable chemistry. As a teenager, he was part of a successful pop band, which gave him a unique perspective on fame and its impact on identity. He later pursued an MBA and joined his family's business in sustainable chemistry, aiming to reduce the amount of 'forever chemicals' in plastics. This venture taught him patience and the importance of understanding the complexities of change and transformation.

In recent years, Paul has shifted his focus towards organizational transformation, launching a new company called Inner Works. This company aims to create a structure that acknowledges the economic, biophysical, and cultural realities of the world, and strives to build something that serves life.

Paul's vision of a good life, or "wohlstand" as he refers to it, involves a sense of 'enoughness', rest, and discovery. He believes in a society where structures and institutions help individuals realize that they are enough, and where economic activity is not the sole focus. This vision is influenced by his experiences as a father, where he often finds himself wishing he had more patience.

Paul's current project, the Regenerative Community Organism (RCO), aims to put the limited company back into relationship with the whole. It draws on ideas from the cooperative movement and stakeholder capitalism, among others. The RCO is designed to address the limitations of the limited liability company, which Paul believes is a problematic vehicle for change. He suggests that while the limited liability company has been a useful tool for certain high-risk ventures, it has also led to a fencing off of economic activity.

The RCO aims to create a structure that allows companies to relate more directly to the cultural and biophysical realities of the world, without diluting their potential. It envisions companies operating within certain boundaries or restrictions, making them contextually aware and preventing a race to the bottom. The RCO also considers the lifecycle of a company, acknowledging that companies may need to grow, mature, and even cease to exist depending on the context.