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Willkommen beim "New Wohlstand" Podcast, präsentiert von IRM (Regenerative Marktwirtschaft). In dieser inspirierenden Podcast-Reihe erkunden wir alternative Wege, den Wohlstand neu zu definieren und zu gestalten. Tauchen Sie ein in fesselnde Gespräche mit Experten, Visionären und Praktikern, die sich für eine nachhaltigere und gerechtere Wirtschaft einsetzen. Entdecken Sie innovative Lösungsansätze, um den finanziellen, sozialen, ökologischen und kulturellen Wohlstand unserer Gesellschaft zu fördern. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren, neue Perspektiven zu gewinnen und die Grundlagen für eine zukunftsfähige und regenerative Marktwirtschaft zu legen. Willkommen bei "New Wohlstand" - wo wir die Wege des Wohlstands für eine bessere Zukunft erkunden.

Tina Teucher

Secrets to a Thriving Future

16.07.2024 71 min

In this episode Tina Teucher, a moderator and keynote speaker, delved into her journey and vision for a sustainable future. Tina’s profound insights stem from her experiences and her intrinsic appreciation of life, nature, and human potential.

Tina’s passion for the interconnectedness of all life is palpable. She reminisces about her childhood spent in the forest, where she developed a deep respect for natural processes and cycles. This early exposure to nature’s wisdom shaped her belief in the importance of preserving and regenerating our environment.

A pivotal moment for Tina was her realization of the world’s complexity and the potential for positive change. She emphasizes the need for a shift in perspective—from viewing challenges as insurmountable to recognizing opportunities for growth and innovation. Tina advocates for a regenerative approach to economics, where the focus is on restoring ecosystems and fostering sustainable practices.

Tina’s work revolves around bridging gaps between different times and people, highlighting the importance of diverse perspectives. She believes that understanding various viewpoints can lead to more comprehensive solutions. Her approach is not just theoretical; she actively participates in initiatives like Generation Restoration, which aims to empower communities, especially refugees, through sustainable practices.

The podcast touches on the concept of resilience, both in natural systems and human communities. Tina discusses how sustainable practices, such as permaculture and agroforestry, can help regenerate degraded lands and provide livelihoods for displaced people. She underscores the importance of education and empowerment, particularly for women, as crucial elements in building a regenerative society.

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