New Wohlstand

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Asha Singh

Interconnectedness and mutual respect.

20.02.2024 65 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Today you are treated to a profound exploration of what constitutes a "good life" and how a societal and economic system can foster such a life for all. Asha delves into her rich tapestry of personal and professional experiences, ranging from her early life influenced by diverse cultures and her adventures across Europe, to her academic pursuits in engineering and business, and her eventual deep dive into the realms of yoga, meditation, and sustainable living. This eclectic background sets the stage for her current work in facilitating complex adaptive systems and her commitment to fostering dialogues that bridge differences and cultivate a shared vision for the future.
Asha's narrative weaves through her journey of self-discovery, professional evolution, and her passionate engagement with environmental and societal regeneration. From her childhood adventures across various countries to her work in garden design, business English teaching in Italy, and her transformative experiences in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Asha's life story is a testament to the power of curiosity, adaptability, and the search for meaning beyond conventional boundaries.
Central to the conversation is Asha's nuanced understanding of "New Wohlstand" or prosperity, which she envisions as a harmonious blend of personal freedom, community connection, and a deep engagement with nature and the arts. Asha articulates a compelling vision for a regenerative market economy where diverse forms of capital—beyond just financial—are recognized and nurtured. She emphasizes the importance of local, contextual adaptations to global challenges, advocating for a societal shift towards valuing creativity, community, and sustainable living practices.
Asha's insights into complex adaptive systems, coupled with her personal journey, offer a refreshing perspective on how individuals and societies might navigate the challenges of the 21st century. Her emphasis on dialogue, experiential learning, and the cultivation of diverse forms of capital as pathways to a regenerative future highlights the potential for profound societal transformation rooted in interconnectedness and mutual respect.