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Canay Atalay

from Innovation to Inclusivity

12.03.2024 60 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Today Canay Atalay shares her transformative journey and insights on creating a regenerative market economy. Canay, with her rich background in product management, media technology, and startup innovation, discusses her evolution towards conscious business model design and the importance of integrating human values into our systems. She emphasizes the significance of listening deeply, both to ourselves and to the world around us, as a pathway to understanding and action.

Her narrative weaves through her experiences from her childhood connections with nature, through her professional life where she observed the limitations of traditional business models focused on profit over people and planet, to her personal awakening as a mother. This awakening led her to question the harmony of her actions with her values and whether she would want her daughters to inherit the world she was helping to shape. Canay's journey is one of continuous learning, unlearning, and transformation, driven by her relentless faith in humanity and life itself.

As she delves into the methodologies she employs and teaches, such as conscious business model design and Socratic Dialogue, Canay highlights the importance of embodying our values and using them as a guide to innovate and regenerate our businesses, technologies, and social systems. She passionately speaks about the potential of Regenerative AI and conscious business models to create a more inclusive, diverse, and life-centric world, where technology serves the betterment of all life.

Canay's story is a call to action for leaders, innovators, and individuals alike to listen deeply, embrace their emotions, and act from a place of love and purpose. It's a reminder that by tapping into our inherent wisdom and the abundance of life, we can co-create a world that honors and sustains all beings.