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Caroline Shenaz Hossein

Redefining Economic Success: Cooperative Living

07.05.2024 68 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Caroline Shenaz Hossein, an Associate Professor of Global Development and Political Economy at the University of Toronto, shares her vision for a cooperative-based economic model. She emphasizes the need to reshape our understanding of success, focusing on communal well-being and solidarity economies over traditional capitalist models.

Caroline highlights her work with the Diverse Solidarity Economies Collective, a group of feminist economists dedicated to creating an economy that prioritizes people over profits. She also discusses the significance of the “banker ladies,” women organizing finances through mutual aid systems, and how their work exemplifies a people-centric approach.

Caroline reflects on her upbringing as a diasporic child with Caribbean roots, noting the importance of togetherness and mutual support in shaping her values. She advocates for recognizing the diverse economic systems that exist beneath the surface and integrating them into mainstream discourse. Ultimately, she envisions a shift from profit-driven goals to models that prioritize social profitability, community engagement, and well-being, paving the way for a regenerative and inclusive market economy.