New Wohlstand

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David Hodgson

New Wohlstand

29.08.2023 171 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

David Hodgson, a former software architect, has a unique ability to connect dots and hold complexity, a skill he honed during his years of coding. After a midlife crisis triggered by his father's cancer diagnosis, he realized he wanted to pursue a life of meaning. This led him to an MBA in sustainable business, which was transformative for him and introduced him to the concept of regeneration.

Hodgson's career took a turn when he discovered his ability to communicate with people from various professional backgrounds and translate their dialects, enabling collective meaning-making. This ability, coupled with his focus on the regenerative economy, led him to become a founding member of the Impact Hub in San Francisco. Here, he built a large network of people focused on social and ecological facets of regeneration.

His motivation to contribute to a regenerative global economy was further fueled by the birth of his daughter, making him more committed to creating a future that she could inhabit. He has been connecting people and ideas, amplifying good things happening around the world, and nudging the world towards a brighter pathway.

Hodgson's vision of a good life, or "wohlstand" as he refers to it, is about community and human-scale living. He believes in a society where everyone can pursue happiness within ecological boundaries. He advocates for a shift in societal focus from maximizing GDP to maximizing human wellbeing. His work is about creating a structure that allows for human thriving within the very real ecological boundaries that we live within.