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Gaya Herrington

Rewriting the Future

23.04.2024 57 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

In this thought-provoking conversation, Gaya Herrington shares her insights on what a good life for all might look like and the kind of society and economy we need to make it a reality. Gaya, an economist and sustainability researcher, gained recognition for her research validating the predictions of the Limits to Growth report, which has led her to explore and advocate for a wellbeing economy.

Throughout the discussion, Gaya emphasizes the importance of shifting from a growth-based economy to one that prioritizes human wellbeing within planetary boundaries. She highlights the need for a holistic approach, including changes in government policies, business practices, and individual mindsets. Gaya also shares her vision of a society where people understand that they are enough, fostering a sense of contentment and altruism.

Gaya's work and ideas offer a path towards a more balanced and equitable future, inviting us all to reconsider our values and the systems that govern our lives. To learn more about Gaya's research and ideas, download her free book "Five Insights for Avoiding Global Collapse" at