New Wohlstand

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Indy Johar

New Wohlstand

12.12.2023 65 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Indy shares that his experiences growing up in Delhi during riots in the 1980s shaped his view on the power of division and violence, leading him to question underlying philosophies and seek coherence. He studied architecture and was interested in democratizing how we construct our built environments and societies, which gave him insights into how we create environments and the limitations of current systems.
Indy discusses the concept of "self-terminating" systems, where our treatment of nature as a dead resource to consume is actually driving feedback loops that are destroying ecological systems and impacting humanity. This feedback is building planetary intelligence. He advocates for a shift to seeing nature as generative rather than a resource, and moving to relationships of treaty rather than enslavement through concepts like property, which opens up new concepts of wealth and relationships.
Indy's work with Dark Matter and others explores new frameworks like houses and land that own themselves, self-sovereign surveillance systems, tree canopies as assets rather than liabilities, and reimagining governance of natural and technological systems. He sees the need for soul, worldview and institutional shifts alongside technological change to transition to systems that are life-affirming for all, including humans, non-humans and machines.
Indy envisions a potential future of hyperabundance if we can survive the next few decades, once energy superabundance is unlocked, but warns excessive consumption could be self-terminating without shifts in how we see ourselves. His key concept to embed in all humanity is seeing ourselves not as individuals but as multitudes, beings that are interbecomings as verbs not nouns, defined by our relationships and entanglement with all of existence.