New Wohlstand

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Jessie Lydia Henshaw

New Wohlstand

19.12.2023 63 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Jessie Lydia Henshaw has unique insights to share based on her diverse background. Growing up surrounded by scientists and educators, she studied physics but recognized the need to understand systems holistically over time. Her studies led her to architecture, where she pioneered solar building and microclimate research.

Through meticulously monitoring energy flows in houses, Jessie discovered that energy moves through organization, not just abstract numbers. This realization launched her into the fields of general systems theory and recognizing nature's patterns. She saw that all growth systems, from the smallest cells to entire civilizations, proceed through explosive, extractive growth before shifting resources toward maintaining stability and continuity when contexts change.

Applying this lens, Jessie perceives that civilization has perfected tools for multiplying power while losing sight of impacts on surrounding contexts. Now, an overpowering economic system steers itself according to profits alone toward inevitable limits. For Jessie, true wealth integrates reasoning and feelings, allows healthy potential to emerge from small beginnings, and freely completes one's journey from immaturity to mature engagement with the world.

An economic system respecting nature would distribute some profits to relieve accumulated crises and use some to proactively steer toward societal well-being beyond growth. Jessie also sees wisdom in returning to the roots of words to reveal original intents linking mind to nature. This fosters cohesion over artificial divisions and misunderstandings.

If civilization's survival instincts could encompass more than individual lives, the actors dominating the global economic system might recalibrate to emphasize retaining internal cohesion before risks of fragmentation destroy cultures. Listening deeply to Jessie's thoughtful perspective gives hope that through open discourse, common ground supporting human and natural well-being can be rediscovered.