New Wohlstand

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Karel Golta

New Wohlstand

02.01.2024 61 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Karel describes himself as a 'Business Romantic' and an 'Innovation Rebel', emphasizing his desire to challenge the status quo and promote continuous change. He stresses the importance of adapting and thinking creatively, especially in today's fast-paced world where traditional innovations may no longer be sufficient.
The discussion explores the subjectivity of 'a good life', suggesting that it varies greatly based on individual circumstances and cultural backgrounds. Karel, drawing from his extensive experience, underlines the significance of having basic needs met without anxiety, and the crucial role of social capital in ensuring a sense of safety and support in society.
Karel also delves into cultural differences he has observed, particularly in Germany, and contrasts these with his own experiences. He notes the differences in attitudes towards the elderly, the value of social capital, and communal support systems.
The conversation touches upon the economic system and societal agreements, where Karel proposes a balance between financial capital and social capital. He advocates for cooperation without expectations of return, contributing to society for its own sake. This philosophy extends to his role as an academic and mentor, where he aims to contribute to the community.
Karel's insights on untainted love and empathy are profound. He shares an exercise of looking into another person's eyes, leading to a realization of interconnectedness and empathy. This reflects his broader perspective on the importance of seeing others as extensions of ourselves.