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Lukas Küttner

Roots in Regenerative Markets

11.06.2024 76 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

In this episode Lukas delves into his personal background, highlighting the influence of his Kreuzberg upbringing on his worldview and his exposure to diverse cultures and social issues. He recounts his academic and professional experiences in England, Mexico, and various corporations, which eventually led him to a more fulfilling path at Osmos, a company dedicated to sustainable and impactful practices.

Lukas explores the concept of a "good life," emphasizing the importance of personal freedom, social security, and ethical consumption. He reflects on the challenges and contradictions of modern capitalism, advocating for a shift towards community-oriented economic models like the commonwealth economy. He discusses the potential of such models to incentivize businesses to adopt sustainable practices through monetary rewards and penalties.

Throughout the conversation, Lukas stresses the need for a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with nature and the importance of education in fostering community-oriented behavior. He envisions a society where individuals recognize their role as part of a larger ecosystem, leading to more mindful and sustainable choices.

The discussion also touches on the practical aspects of running a sustainable business, the importance of storytelling and marketing in promoting ethical products, and the challenges of balancing profitability with environmental and social impact. Lukas concludes with a hopeful outlook on the potential for collective action and political will to drive meaningful change towards a regenerative market economy.