New Wohlstand

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Lynda Chinenye Iroulo

New Wohlstand

26.12.2023 50 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Lynda, a Nigerian and an assistant professor of international relations, shares her journey from Nigeria to Berlin for her PhD and eventually working in a U.S. institution while living in Qatar. She discusses the significance of names in African cultures and her Igbo ethnicity. Despite the political and economic challenges in Nigeria, she still considers it home 

The concept of a good life, according to Lynda, is subjective and influenced by one's background. Growing up in Nigeria, her idea of a good life was having enough to support herself, her family, and her community, reflecting the communal culture she was raised in. She emphasizes the importance of having enough to cover basic needs without anxiety 

Lynda touches upon the challenges of traveling with a Nigerian passport due to global perceptions and restrictions. She values the learning and growth that comes from interacting with different cultures of 'enough' in different cultures, where Lynda emphasizes covering basic needs and the value of social capital in feeling safe and supported 

The conversation delves into cultural differences observed in Germany, particularly in attitudes towards the elderly and the value of social capital. Lynda contrasts this with the communal support systems in Nigerian culture, where families and communities play a significant role in taking care of each other 

Regarding the economic system and societal agreements, Lynda suggests the necessity of balancing financial capital with social capital. She observes that in her experience, societies tend to cooperate with an expectation of return, and advocates for cooperation without such expectations, simply as a contribution to society. This philosophy extends to her role as an academic, where she mentors students not for personal gain but to contribute to the community 

Finally, the conversation touches upon the concept of untainted love and the importance of seeing others as a reflection of ourselves. Lynda recounts an exercise that involved looking into another person's eyes, which led to a profound realization of interconnectedness and empathy 

Overall, Lynda's insights offer a rich perspective on cultural differences, the meaning of a good life, and the importance of community and social capital in personal and societal well-being.