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Melanie Rieback

Discover how Melanie Rieback's innovative Post-Growth Entrepreneurship Roadshow is revolutionizing the business landscape towards sustainability and social responsibility, reshaping our understanding of prosperity.

30.01.2024 60 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

In this conversation Melanie Rieback shared her insights on "new prosperity" and her journey toward social entrepreneurship, particularly focusing on Post Growth Entrepreneurship (PGE). Melanie's venture into creating Radically Open Security as a not-for-profit, foundation-owned company was highlighted as an example of her commitment to using business as a form of activism, redefining success in the business world away from purely profit-driven motives.

During the podcast, Melanie elaborated on her initiative, the PGE Roadshow, which she had launched just five days prior to the recording. This initiative is a significant step towards spreading the ethos of Post Growth Entrepreneurship to a wider audience, particularly targeting business schools and startup incubators. For those interested in gaining deeper insights into the PGE Roadshow and potentially participating, Melanie shared a LinkedIn post ( detailing the initiative. Additionally, she provided a sign-up form ( for those interested in bringing the concept of Post Growth Entrepreneurship to their local communities.

To further explain and provide context to Post Growth Entrepreneurship, Melanie Rieback provided several resources. This includes a 3-minute PGE explainer video ( available on YouTube, offering a concise overview of the concept. Additionally, an article on Medium ( provides a detailed explanation of PGE incubation. For those interested in a more in-depth exploration, a PGE class video playlist ( is available on YouTube, showcasing the practical aspects of PGE. Moreover, the homepage of the PGE incubator, Nonprofit Ventures, can be found at (, offering additional resources and insights into the implementation of PGE principles.

Melanie's initiatives in education, her PGE Roadshow, and the provided resources collectively reflect a deep commitment to exploring and promoting new models of business and economic systems. These efforts focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and a shift away from traditional profit-driven approaches, aiming to create a more sustainable and equitable business landscape.