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Nicole Bastien

Unapologetically Human: Embracing Change and Building a Regenerative Future

18.06.2024 88 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Join Nicole Bastien to explore her profound journey and insights into building a better future. Nicole, a social worker, entrepreneur, and advocate for regenerative systems, shares her unique perspective on identity, transformation, and the interconnectedness of human and economic systems.
Nicole begins by reflecting on her early life in East Germany, a country that no longer exists, and the impact of witnessing the peaceful revolution of 1989. She discusses how these experiences shaped her understanding of identity beyond national boundaries and fueled her passion for fostering meaningful connections and resilience in communities.
The conversation delves into Nicole's concept of being "unapologetically human," which she defines as embracing both strengths and weaknesses and owning one's journey through life. She emphasizes the importance of creating spaces for genuine human interaction and the need for humility and curiosity in leadership and innovation.
Nicole and Thomas explore the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from established systems (Horizon 1) to visionary futures (Horizon 3), emphasizing the necessity of iterative processes (Horizon 2) and the creation of adaptive, resilient systems. They discuss the pitfalls of traditional, mechanistic approaches to business and governance, advocating for a more holistic, regenerative perspective that values redundancy, resilience, and meaningful relationships.
Throughout the episode, Nicole shares her experiences working with various stakeholders, from investors to local communities, and highlights the critical role of purpose, trust, and co-creation in building a regenerative economy. She challenges listeners to rethink their assumptions and take decisive actions towards creating a better world, stressing that profound change is often just one courageous decision away.