New Wohlstand

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Tharald Nustad

New Wohlstand

23.01.2024 52 min

Zusammenfassung & Show Notes

Tharald is Norwegian, grew up in Norway, and studied physics in the US. Coming from a family that emphasized positive societal impact and business success, he ventured into the tech space after his studies, starting several companies. His journey into impactful life began around 2010 when he started working with Ashoka, helping social entrepreneurs make a positive impact. This experience led him to impact investing and eventually, in 2014, he committed to 100% impact, dedicating his time, capital, and skills to creating positive global change.
He talks about starting Catapult in 2016, which included initiatives like the Catapult FutureFest, Catapult Accelerator, and others, focusing on mobilizing people around impact investing, technology, and building a better society. The discussion also touches upon how businesses can be a force for good, combining problem-solving with profitable models.
Tharald also shares his views on what constitutes a good life and society, discussing concepts like Wohlstand (well-being beyond just material wealth) and the idea of a post-scarcity society. He believes in the importance of having material needs and security met, allowing people to focus on more fulfilling aspects of life.
The conversation delves into the shifts needed in the financial system to support this vision. Tharald argues for the integration of externalities into the financial system, the shift from short-term profit focus to long-term impact, and the need for a fundamental change in the perception of capital's purpose. He also emphasizes the role of innovation in addressing global challenges, such as energy transition and sustainable practices.
Regarding technology, Tharald acknowledges its potential drawbacks, like being energy and materials hungry, but believes in the necessity of sustainable innovation. He stresses the importance of a more conscious approach to technology development and use, particularly in terms of energy consumption and the environmental impact.
In relation to Africa, Tharald discusses the potential for entrepreneurial and business solutions to address social and environmental challenges. He notes the positive shifts in tech competence, investment, and market functionality in Africa and the concept of leapfrogging, where developing regions can bypass certain stages of development and adopt advanced technologies more quickly.
Tharald concludes by emphasizing the importance of an abundant mindset and collaboration for positive impact. He advocates for a culture shift from fear and scarcity to abundance and growth, suggesting that societal and cultural shifts need to go hand in hand with business, investing, and financial system changes. His vision is for a world where everyone collaborates to solve problems and create a better society.